What is dyspnoea?

The term dyspnoea describes the feeling of difficulty with breathing, often described  as feeling short of breath.  There are various types of dyspnoea, described by the situation that led to it: Exertional dyspnoea refers to shortness of breath when doing a physical activity, such as walking or running Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea refers to shortness of […]

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What is heart failure?

  Heart failure is a term used to describe a broad range of conditions that all share similar symptoms and signs. At the core, these conditions all involve one key principle: the heart’s function cannot match the body’s requirements.

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What is a stent?

When you have coronary artery disease, blockages made up of plaque narrow down or completely block the coronary arteries, reducing the blood supply (ischaemia) or causing a heart attack. To prevent this damage, we can insert a stent to push the blockage out of the way and get blood flow back.

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